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Do you or someone you know need a traffic lawyer?

Our  Lawyer

Our Criminal Lawyer, Tania Hayward, is an ex-police officer with extensive experience in traffic offences, as well as recent experience as a prosecutor. She has a keen interest in traffic legislation and can give you the right advice in relation to your charges. Whether it’s speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, negligent driving, driving while disqualified….. you need representation.

What should you do?

Traffic offences are a serious matter and you need to take them seriously. They can have an impact on your current job,  future employment prospects, and your licence status. If you are not guilty, using a lawyer can help to make sure you get a fair hearing and that you have the best chance of your charges being dismissed.

If you think you may have broken the law then using a lawyer is the best way to make sure any mitigating factors are properly considered, and any fine or other penalty is appropriate and within the proper range for that kind of offence. A lawyer will also ensure the police have charged you with the correct offence.

Offences under traffic legislation require you to provide certain details including your name. A traffic offence can sometimes lead to a more serious criminal offence so if you ever suspect a serious charge is being considered you should simply respond “no comment” until you have spoken with your lawyer. Please remember to always be polite and courteous.

You may have made a bad decision to get here, but it’s not too late to make a good one –  use a lawyer.

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